I'm originally from Kyoto, Japan where I discovered my passion for painting as a very young girl. At the age of eight, I began taking art lessons in Kyoto, and then continued with more lessons throughout my teen years. Soon after marrying my husband, I moved from Kyoto to Vancouver, BC where I continued to learn from local artists. We later moved to New York, and then onto Seattle, Washington. Over the years, I've taken every opportunity to learn from others by attending workshops whenever possible, including workshops held in France, Italy, California, Arizona, just to name a few. Once fully settled in Seattle, I was fortunate enough to paint regularly with Ilona Rittler, an artist of international acclaim, and founder of the Ilona Rittler School of Fine Arts. I'm now enjoying the hard-earned benefits of retirement in Hawaii, where I continue to sharpen my skills and enjoy my passion to the fullest.